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About Credit Repair

CreditLogics is a Cloud-based credit repair CRM software that you can access at any time from any device will make you more efficient. You’ll be able to serve clients faster and take on more business, all without sacrificing quality of service.
In addition, CreditLogics provides you with an efficient payment system integration (Stripe and Authorize) that allows you to connect your CRM account to your own merchant gateway and charge your customers when you create an invoice. With a “Pay By Credit Card” button appearing on every invoice, your clients can pay their invoice via their web portal.

Why Credit Repair

All in One

Once you have CreditLogics, you don't need any other tool. It takes care of your business requirement right from the lead generation till billing. We have integrations with various service providers and tools so that you can carry on your work without any disruption.

Cloud Based

CreditLogics is completely web-based and does not require time-consuming setup. You can log in from any device and from any location. The only requirement is an internet connection.

Free Support

In CreditLogics we give highest priority to the customer experience. To provide you an uninterrupted service we have a dedicated support team to hear your concerns and solve your query at no cost to you.

Highlighting Features


CreditLogics allows you to work on your clients Experian, Equifax and TransUnion personal credit by importing their credit report, dispute items and scores just by a click. It saves you hours of time you would spend otherwise in data entry and reduces human error.

Generate Dispute Letter

Once you have imported credit report you can generate dispute letter within seconds. You don't have to type anything you just need to select the item to dispute directly from customers credit report and our software will create the dispute letter for you.

Other Important Features


Run reports on all aspects of your organization such as marketing, sales, invoicing, payments, sales commissions, activities of users in different roles, and more.


Go paperless with CreditLogics e-sign. Speed up your sales process by getting agreements signed by your clients, either via email or in person. The process is very simple and quick.

Phone Integration

Painlessly integrate your phone system with CreditLogics to receive incoming calls in the CRM or make outgoing calls with a click from any case in CRM, as long as you have a working soft phone on your computer.


Generate invoices based on any of your proposals instantly, and set payment schedules automatically. CreditLogics is integrated with more than 100 payment gateways and executes your scheduled payments on a daily basis.

Rules Engine

Set your own custom rules, create your email and SMS templates, and have Logics execute them for you by sending automated text messages and emails or by executing status and assignment workflows.

User and Team Management

Create users, teams, and roles. Define access rules and permissions for your team members. Monitor your sales personnel and keep track of their activities and performance with our solar CRM software.


Set appointment with your clients, set events and reminders, and control your team members' schedules.

Task Management

Define tasks and assign to your team members. Track the status of the tasks using our task filters and task report.

Lead Distribution

Our robust Lead Distribution tool allows you to create multiple distribution schemas and assign leads to your agents according to a set of criteria.

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